HHBM 08-09: Highland Hills Basketball Ministry

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 WBBL Playoffs

WBBL Playoffs
East     West  
1st Round    2nd Round     2nd Round      1st Round 
2-7-2012     2-21-2012       2-21-2012       2-7-2012  
Wildcats #1   Wildcats     Hoosiers   Hoosiers #1  
Conference Playoff  Conference Final   Conference Final Conference Playoff
Game A 6:15 Game E 9:15   Game G 8:15 Game C 9:15
Spartans #4   Buckeyes     Boilermakers   Fighting Illini #4  
Buckeyes #2   Spartans     Fighting Illini   Cornhuskers #2  
Conference Playoff  Playoff game     Playoff game   Conference Playoff 
Game B 8:15 Game F 7:15   Game H 6:15 Game D 7:15
Wolverines #3   Wolverines     Cornhuskers   Boilermakers #3  
          The Finals  2-28-2012        
            3rd Place game I 8:15        
Wolverines     Buckeyes vs.  Boilermakers   Spartans  
5th Place Game                 7th Place Game  
Game K 7:15     WBBL Championship Game J 9:15   Game L 6:15
Cornhuskers     Wildcats vs. Hoosiers   Fighting Illini  


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